Megyn Kelly’s Fox News Departure Exposes an Alarming Reality About the Far Left & Right

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook is probably aware that I’m not the biggest fan of “fanatics.” By “fanatics” I mean the far-left and far-right absolutists who seem to live in some sort of world where compromise is a negative word and there’s only one answer to every question — their answer.  I’m not saying […]

Megyn Kelly Throws A Fit On Air After Media Claims Hillary Clinton Won Benghazi Hearing (Video)

Following a ridiculously long 11-hour day Thursday in which Hillary Clinton testified for over nine hours in front of the latest Republican-led Benghazi committee, the general consensus among most political experts (even many conservatives) is that she “won” the day. Despite Republicans doing just about everything they could to get some sort of “gotcha” moment […]

Ted Cruz Makes A Fool Out Of Himself During Interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly (Video)

During his short time in the Senate, Ted Cruz has proven himself to be an absolute joke. It baffles me that there are millions of people in this country who actually take this clown seriously. Not only is he one of the most ridiculous politicians we have in this country, but almost nothing he says is […]

Fox News Most Likely Forced Megyn Kelly Off Air For 10 Days Over Trump Controversy

Anyone who’s been following the news the last couple of weeks is probably well aware of the Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly fiasco that started at the first GOP debate when she dared to ask the GOP presidential candidate questions pertaining to factual information about his past. Now to be fair, it did seem as if Fox News […]

Ted Cruz Gets Slammed by Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Over Ridiculous Supreme Court Comments (Video)

Naturally, when the Supreme Court ruled that bans on same-sex marriage were unconstitutional, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was one of the most vocal Republicans throwing a hissy fit because our Constitution didn’t support his bigotry and ignorance. Since the decision he’s now called for a complete ripping up of a huge part of our Constitution to […]

Jeb Bush on Fox News: I Would Have Invaded Iraq, Just Like My Brother (Video)

Without a doubt, the Iraq War is going to go down as one of the biggest mistakes in U.S. history. From all the lies that led us to the war, to the complete incompetence that followed once it began, there’s almost nothing positive to say about anything that came from the Bush administration’s decision to […]

Jon Stewart Crushes Megyn Kelly’s Hypocrisy On Money In Politics (Video)

It’s no secret that Republicans have been trying for years to do anything and everything they possibly can to slander Hillary Clinton. While they’ve tried many tactics (Benghazi, emails, donations to the Clinton Foundation), the truth is they’ve literally proven nothing that could be considered extremely damaging. Numerous investigations into Benghazi, including one led by Republicans, […]

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Grills Ted Cruz: ‘What Have You Actually Accomplished?’ (Video)

Fox News is a bit of an enigma on several levels. While they’re clearly nothing more than a right-wing entertainment channel, they’re also basically the propaganda arm of the Republican party. Meaning that, when presidential primaries begin, they’re often put in a very awkward position. That’s when they have to decide which Republican they want […]

Fox News Blatantly Lies To Viewers About “Censorship” By DISH Network (VIDEO)

Ever since DISH Network stopped carrying Fox News and Fox Business recently, the viewers of the channel that brings all the slanted knowledge they crave have been in an uproar. Spurred on by Fox News and other conservative media sources, they’ve been angrily posting on DISH Network’s Facebook page, demanding (sometimes in ALL CAPS) that […]

Megyn Kelly’s Absurd Voter Fraud Lie on Fox News Gets Debunked by Rachel Maddow and Colorado News Anchor

The fact that we’re even having this debate about voter fraud is absurd. The legitimate and documented cases of voter fraud are so rare that the odds of witnessing it lie somewhere between winning the lottery twice and seeing a unicorn. But despite the overwhelming evidence disproving the myth of voter fraud, Republicans all over the […]