In Honor of Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day, I’d like to share some stories and experiences from myself, my friends, and my father. Memorial Day is a hallowed day, a day when we remember the members of our Armed Services who died in combat. My family has served in the military since the Revolutionary War, and we are […]

Progressivism vs. The Universe: A Redwood in a Thunderstorm

Even a casual student of history understands that the world—hell, the universe—has not changed much with respect to violence over time. Maybe a better way to frame this is to say that the Big Bang is more a fan of the Fourth Crusade than of Christ and Gandhi. One of the most common water cooler […]

It Is Our Duty To Remember Why Memorial Day Exists

Chances are you’re reading this by the pool or from the comfort of your couch as you enjoy a long weekend. Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer for a lot of beach and resort areas as school ends in many parts of the country. Car dealerships advertise their giant Memorial Day sales with […]