Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Deacon Duvet Gives Thanks in Pastor Pillow’s Stead

Hello, I’m Deacon Duvet! Welcome to our Thanksgiving Day potluck at Cubic Zirconium Ministries! And my apologies on behalf of Pastor Pillow, who is unable to join us this evening. As you may be aware, he’s been called away to provide political futurism advice (or prophesying, as we call it behind the pulpit) for the […]

“Baking Soda Cancer Cure” Republican Michele Fiore Knows Exactly What Caused Oregon Massacre

In the wake of the latest mass shooting, many lawmakers and activists are calling for legislation to address the epidemic of incidents like the one that happened in Oregon last Thursday. However, one Las Vegas politician, Michele Fiore, says that psychiatric drugs are likely to blame, a common gun fanatic talking point that isn’t based […]

John Oliver Has The Conversation That Republicans Are Too Cowardly To Have (Video)

It’s become the new go-to line for Republicans whenever some sort of tragedy involving guns takes place: blame mental illness. Often before we even know any actual details about the shooter, Republicans are already plastered on every major news outlet proclaiming their support for our Second Amendment and blaming all gun violence on the mentally […]

The Dangerous Sadness

Not that many years ago, I grew very sad. So I threw myself into work as a distraction. I separated myself from my family, maintaining only a few friends. I tried not to care anymore, for anyone or anything, because that would surely cure the sadness. It all seemed to happen pretty quickly. In just […]

Dallas Pushing to Confiscate Guns From Those Convicted of Domestic Violence

In a move that I’m sure will send gun activists running to the latest and greatest hits from their conspiracy theory handbooks, Rep. Rafael Anchia (D-Dallas) and a Dallas County judge are looking into legislation measures that would give judges and police officers more authority to confiscate guns from those convicted of domestic abuse or subjects […]

Prescription Drugs Cause Mass Shootings? That’s Ridiculous!

There’s an article making the rounds talking about prescription psychotropic drugs, and how they are the one thing in common with “nearly” all mass shootings. That’s your key word; “nearly.” First of all, it needs to be said the article isn’t entirely wrong. Psychotropic drugs are dangerous when applied incorrectly. Too little or too much […]

UCSB Victim’s Father Delivers Powerful Rebuke to the NRA: ‘Stop This Madness!’ (Video)

Mass shootings in this country are becoming far too common.  Another tragedy spawned by some sick individual who had easy access to a firearm.  Every time one of these tragedies happens it inevitably brings about the “gun debate” which gets us absolutely nowhere in this country. And following the comments made by shooting victim Chris […]

President Obama Uses Executive Actions on Background Checks for Gun Purchases

I can just see people reading this headline and jumping to conclusions about, “Dictator Obama violating the Constitution to attack the gun rights of Americans!”  Particularly conservatives who very rarely know the facts about anything related to the president, instead relying on misinformation, lies and fear mongering from the right-wing media. Any time they see […]

You’ll Never Believe Who Republicans Are Now Blaming for the Navy Yard Shooting

It goes without saying that Republicans would probably find some way to blame President Obama for the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, and I’m sure many do.  What I didn’t expect was for many of them to skip back thirteen years to try to blame former President Bill Clinton. But that’s exactly what many of them […]