Donald Trump Says Mexicans Are Bringing ‘Tremendous Infectious Disease’ To US

Donald Trump has made bashing Mexico and immigrants the centerpiece of his campaign, something other Republican candidates for president aren’t too thrilled about. On the other hand, there are candidates like Ted Cruz who are supporting his horribly bigoted remarks, quite possibly doing so in hopes of gaining his endorsement when Donald Trump inevitably drops […]

NBC To Donald Trump: You’re Fired!

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences for what you say, as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump found out today. Trump, who is no stranger to controversy and has climbed rapidly in the ranks of 2016 GOP hopefuls, finally made a mistake that’s going to hurt him in the place that matters most – […]

Danny Trejo Teams With Jon Stewart To Expose The Dangers Of Latinos In Texas

Immigration is one topic that’s almost guaranteed to spark a fairly intense debate. And while I definitely have my views on how we should handle both legal and illegal immigration, the issue itself is not as simple as some try to make it out to be. Many people on the left believe that we should […]

Republican House Candidate Makes Outrageous Statement About Illegal Immigration (Video)

The topic of what we should do in this country about illegal immigration often sparks quite the heated debate. While most Americans agree that something needs to be done, there’s clearly a huge gap between many of us on exactly what we should do. On one side we have those who support a sensible path […]

Texas Sheriff Appears on Fox News Making Ridiculous Claim About ISIS (Video)

Let me tell you, being a liberal living in Texas is not always easy, although I’m sure that goes for most liberals living in predominantly “red states.” But it seems that Texas is quickly becoming a breeding ground for some of the more¬†batshit crazy eccentric right-wing conservatives. Take for instance two of our most well-known […]

Small Government? Republicans Want To Spend Billions Almost Doubling Border Patrol Agents

While the debate over immigration reform continues, there are quite a few underlying aspects to the bill which aren’t getting a lot of attention. One of which was brought up by Bill Maher during his HBO talk show where he stated that if the immigration bill passes in its current form, U.S. Border Patrol agents […]