BREAKING: Michael Dunn Sentenced to Life Without Parole for Murder of Jordan Davis

I’m sure many of you are aware of the 2012 shooting in Florida where Michael Dunn claimed he was “standing his ground” when he shot and killed unarmed teenager Jordan Davis. While this story would have normally made headlines anyway, the attention given to it was amplified by the George Zimmerman case where he was […]

Vigilante Law Allows Man to Shoot Friend Ten Times in Back and Not Face Trial

In what seems to be a clear case of a law that has long left the tracks, a man who shot his old friend in the back ten times in a parking lot in front of several witnesses is not being charged. The state is Florida, so two guesses what the relevant law is. If […]

The Connection Between Ted Nugent, Michael Dunn, and the Hung Jury

When people like Ted Nugent use racist slurs like “subhuman mongrel” and “gangster” to refer to black people (in this case, President Obama), they’re not just speaking out of their ass into a vacuum. It’s not just time to be offended that someone said something offensive, sputter some profanities about the rightwingers and then forget. We should not […]

Jordan Davis and the Case of Two Different Sets of Laws

Because we care so much, George “Child Murderer” Zimmerman reminds us that he’s the real victim – as manipulative child abusers are wont to do. But let’s refocus our energies and remember that Zimmerman got off clean under a legislative and judicial system that would have thrown the book at him if he had a […]

Florida Jury Hung on Michael Dunn Murder Charge, Finds Him Guilty on Four Other Charges

Most of you have probably heard about the Florida trial concerning Michael Dunn and the killing of 17-year-old Jordan Davis.  Another incident of a white man killing an African-American teenager. As basically everyone knows, Florida is now infamous for its “Stand Your Ground” law after Trayvon Martin was gunned down by George Zimmerman. Though George […]