Michael Savage Says Obama is Planning Anti-White Genocide, According to Mayan Prophecy

We’ve talked about Michael Savage before. You know, the guy who created Rockstar energy drinks with his son, Russell Weiner, and rails on about how Obama is going destroy America on his radio show? The same Michael Savage, originally named Dr. Michael Weiner, who was a homeopathy and herbal medicine book author in the 1980s […]

Right-Wing Radio Host Michael Savage Vows To Lead Armed Rebellion Against President Obama

Right-wing radio host Michael Savage is a very angry man, or at least he has to pretend to be one in order to keep appealing to his audience which is primarily angry, older white men. Michael Savage probably isn’t mentally ill, but it is very likely that more than a few members of his audience […]

Right-Wing Radio Host Michael Savage: Obama Is ‘Satan’ And Wants A Race War

Back when I had a lengthier commute than I do now, I used to turn on AM talk radio from our local station KEPL 96.5 to see what our goofy friends on the right were chattering about that day. Much of what I heard in the morning was fairly tame, and sometimes I even found […]

Conservative Radio Host Mocks Troops Suffering from PTSD as ‘Weak,’ Belittles Those Suffering from Depression

Normally, protocol would dictate that I offer some kind of introduction as to what the reader is about to read. But in this instance, nothing I say can possibly even come close to describing the absolute and total ignorance that I just came across. So, since I can’t do this abomination I just heard justice, […]