New Study Proves Once Again That “Trickle-Down Economics” Are A Massive Scam

How many times have you heard conservatives tell you that the rich are taxed too much? To hear the proponents of trickle-down economics tell it, you’d think that multi-millionaires and billionaires are the financial equivalent of the polar bear – an endangered species that must be protected at all costs. Every year, the poor billionaire […]

Rick Santorum Tells Conservatives to Stop Using the Economic Term “Middle Class”

I often say the Republican party – and the “conservative movement” as a whole – is largely based on propaganda.  I use the term “bumper sticker politics.”  They’re driven by short, simple talking points and rhetoric that might sound good to people who are being told what they want to hear – it just doesn’t make any sense. You […]

Obama’s Claim about the Income of the Top 1% Compared to Typical Families Confirmed True

While speaking about the economy Wednesday, President Obama made a claim that apparently sent some people into a frenzy. During his speech he said the following: “The income of the top 1 percent nearly quadrupled from 1979 to 2007, but the typical family’s incomes barely budged.” Which prompted the fact checking website Politifact to investigate […]