Dear Liberals: Here’s a Dose of Harsh Reality You All Need to Hear

This is going to be short, simple, honest and not something most liberals are going to want to hear. And that’s fine by me, because I’m completely frustrated with all this nonsense. There’s a simple and undeniable fact when it comes to voting, our elections and who controls our government: When liberals show up to […]

John Boehner Shows Off His Callousness While Berating Unemployed Americans

Whenever Republicans try to pretend to care about average Americans, I usually just laugh. Time and time again members of the Republican party show what disdain they really have for the vast majority of Americans. Sure, they mask this disdain in often well-worded propaganda that those who don’t like to think for themselves eat right […]

Prediction: Our Incompetent Congress is About to Screw Up Everything To Do with ISIS

As ISIS continues to become a huge problem not for just the United States, but the entire world, it’s clear that something must be done. We must stop this radical Islamic terrorist group from achieving their ultimate goal of creating a massive Islamic state ruled by their extreme and barbaric leadership. And, to his credit, […]

Ferguson Is Proof That Every Election Matters

All too often, I will hear people say “how did this guy get elected?” as they complain about the latest politician who has done something stupid. The volume is even louder when the idiot in question is from an area that is supposed to be liberal. We honestly aren’t surprised when Texas elects the likes […]

This Voter Turnout Graph Shows Another Reason Why the Rich Continue to Control the Country

While both sides constantly complain about money in politics, how terrible our elected officials are and the inefficiencies of our government, the bottom line is we elect these people into office. ¬†Without our votes, most of these politicians would have never been elected. Well, one of the biggest problems we have in this country is […]

The First Shots of the Republican Civil War Have Been Fired – Bring on the Insanity

Anyone who’s been following politics for the last few years had to see this coming. ¬†Since the tea party burst onto the scene, the right-wing radicals of the GOP have been frothing at the mouth to take over the Republican party. The tea party was originally embraced as a PR stunt to try to “rebrand” […]