Conservative Conspiracy Fanatic Claims An Invasion Of 100 Million Muslim Refugees Is Coming

While most people are familiar with right-wing conspiracy nuts like Glenn Beck or Alex Jones from InfoWars, there is a much larger pool of lesser-known media figures that are all competing for space in the small, but crowded conspiracy market. Part of being successful in this industry is playing to the fears of people who […]

Michael Savage Says Obama is Planning Anti-White Genocide, According to Mayan Prophecy

We’ve talked about Michael Savage before. You know, the guy who created Rockstar energy drinks with his son, Russell Weiner, and rails on about how Obama is going destroy America on his radio show? The same Michael Savage, originally named Dr. Michael Weiner, who was a homeopathy and herbal medicine book author in the 1980s […]

Alex Jones: The LGBT Movement’s Master Plan Is Human Extermination (Video)

On a fairly regular basis, I see people share links from Infowars claiming that vaccines cause autism, that Big Pharma is hiding the truth about cancer, or that the government is planning to microchip everyone by the year 2017. These aren’t wacked out conservatives who believe that the annual military exercise known as Jade Helm […]

California Senate Passes Bill Ending “Personal Beliefs” Vaccines Loophole

Vaccines do not cause autism. Repeat after me, vaccines DO NOT cause autism. We’ve been over this time and time again, but there are still people out there who take the advice of D-list celebrities and a discredited British doctor over the overwhelming consensus of the medical and scientific communities. Yet, there are still states here […]

The 5 Craziest Ebola Conspiracy Stories

You can turn to almost any news channel or Facebook page and almost inevitably, there’s one Ebola-related story after another. From respected sources like the BBC or NPR, to the most wacko blogspam conspiracy sites, everyone is covering the Ebola news. After all, it is a hot story and everyone one wants in on their […]

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Vs. Big Organic’s Crusade Against GMOs Explained

Last week, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson told people in a short video to “chill out” on the subject of GMOs and as a result, a lot of folks got really upset. As I wrote in response to the initial outrage, I am fully aware that Dr. Tyson is an astrophysicist, not a genetic biologist – […]

Natural News Owner May Have Created Fake Holocaust Website To Smear Critics

A couple of days ago, I wrote an article concerning the founder of Natural News making statements that scientists and other people who criticize him (like myself) were like Nazis and hinted they should be killed. He also compared biotech engineering to genocide, which is also incredibly offensive – but considering his history, not surprising. […]

Natural News Founder Accuses Scientists of Genocide, Hints They Should be Killed

I’m pretty sure that anyone who has been following my page for a while knows I am not a fan of a lot “alternative medicine” websites, Natural News being one of the top offenders. You may wonder what my beef with them is, so here you go. Sites like Natural News, The Mind Unleashed and […]