Jackass Ted Nugent Tries to Bash Mike Brown with Fake Internet Video, Fails Miserably

Ted Nugent¬†proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Republicans will really support anyone¬†as long as they love guns and hate President Obama. The coward who refuses to have a real debate with me has once again made himself look like a complete idiot (not a difficult thing to do) after trying to bash the […]

Dismantling the Thin Blue Line that Turns Its Back On Us

For those surprised that the New York Police Department has officers turning their backs on their own mayor, don’t be. The NYPD has long since turned their backs on the Black community in New York City. It has, like the majority of policing organizations in the US and abroad, long since turned its back on […]

11 Rules for New Anti-Racist Allies

Following in the wake of news of the tragic deaths of a rash of young black lives under the police and then the release of those police from any sense of accountability, the conscience of a nation is starting to arise. Many new people are joining anti-racist marches, are sharing tweets and Facebook posts about […]

Open Carry Texas Exploiting Mike Brown and Eric Garner Deaths for Anti-Cop March

A few months ago I wrote an article warning progressives and people who generally oppose radical anti-government groups that they were being used and manipulated by supposed “police accountability” groups. The truth is most of these organizations like Cop Block aren’t out to hold police officers accountable, they’re fear-mongering radicals who oppose government and often […]

This is Possibly the Best Response to What’s Happened in Ferguson That I’ve Seen

When it comes to the shooting death of Mike Brown at the hands of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, there seems to be no shortage of opinions on what happened. And since the grand jury decided not to indict Wilson the debate over this issue has only been more emotional, heated and often times just […]

I Have a Strong Message for Those Defending the Violence in Ferguson

Let me get this out of the way first – I’m not here to write about whether or not I believe Darren Wilson should have been indicted in the shooting death of Mike Brown. People have already had their minds made up on that issue for weeks. People who think he’s guilty are going to […]

Grand Jury Decision: Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Will Not Be Indicted in Killing of Mike Brown

After weeks of endless media speculation (often bordering on inflammatory and unethical journalism), the grand jury finally rendered their verdict and decided not to formally indict officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Mike Brown. My position since day one has been that I simply wanted the truth to come out. I’m really not […]

I’ve Absolutely Had It With the Media’s Ridiculous Coverage of the Mike Brown Shooting in Ferguson

Since Mike Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri, much of the media has behaved more like a circus rather than something to be respected when it comes to covering what’s happened. Now I’m not saying all coverage has been ridiculous, but a lot of it has been absolutely absurd and I’m sick of […]

Hillary Clinton Finally Spoke Out on Ferguson and What She Said Was Absolutely Brilliant

For nearly three weeks, people from both sides of the political spectrum have asked, “Where’s Hillary Clinton’s comments on Ferguson?” Which is to be expected. She’s a very prominent public figure and likely 2016 presidential candidate (and probable winner). So, naturally, people wanted to know what she had to say. But, alas, it was nearly […]

Jon Stewart Tears Apart Fox News’ Ferguson Coverage: You ‘Have No F**king Idea, Do You?’ (Video)

Oh, how I’ve missed Jon Stewart. With August being a notoriously slow month for news, especially politics, many political pundits take time off during the last few weeks of summer. And normally that’s a pretty safe bet. But not this August. As we all know, for the last few weeks, the shooting of Mike Brown […]