The Cost of Mike Pence’s Anthem Stunt is Bad, but Don’t Let That Distract From the Bigger Issue

While I’m sure Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s National Anthem stunt will almost certainly be forgotten in a few days, I think that’s a huge mistake. For starters, let’s not ignore the fact that this was a planned spectacle. I don’t care if Trump and Pence say the vice president had planned for weeks to […]

Mike Pence’s Press Secretary Pushes Ridiculous Conspiracy About Voter Fraud

Since Republicans realize they can’t win elections based on their outdated (and often inhumane) policies, over the last few years they’ve taken to pushing the myth that “rampant voter fraud is a threat to our democracy.” That’s been the absurd argument Republican-controlled legislatures all over the country have used to support the strict voter ID […]

Bobby Jindal Says He Will Issue Executive Order Allowing Anti-LGBT Discrimination

Louisiana lawmakers decided today that the “religious freedom” law that Governor Bobby Jindal made a priority for this legislative session was a bad idea, and they shelved HB 707 until further notice. This bill, if passed into law, would have put Louisiana under the same scrutiny Indiana and Arkansas received recently with their own “religious […]

Memories Pizza Is First Indiana Business To Deny Service To LGBT Customers

Let’s see a show of hands for all the married folks who served pizza at their wedding. Come on, don’t be shy. Did Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana do the catering? Is this an Indiana tradition, serving pizza at a wedding? The owners of Memories Pizza support the new and horrible Religious Freedom Restoration Act 100%, and to prove […]

Arkansas Passes Their Own Version Of Indiana’s Discrimination Bill

Apparently Arkansas lawmakers don’t follow the news, or perhaps they just don’t care that they’re about to face the same withering shit-storm that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is dealing with. After all, when even NASCAR says that Indiana’s discrimination bill is a really bad move, you know you’ve goofed up big time. Now, even as […]

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Embarrasses His State Even More During Bizarre Interview (Video)

The public backlash following Indiana’s passage of a law legalizing discrimination against homosexuals based on “religious beliefs” has been swift and it’s been fairly intense. Well, Indiana Governor Mike Pence decided to do an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that was easily one of the most awkward and bizarre interviews I’ve ever witnessed. Repeatedly, Stephanopoulos asked […]

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Receives Instant Backlash After Signing Anti-Gay Bill Into Law

Indiana Governor Mike Pence, unmoved by the petitions, phone calls, emails, and convention organizers, signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law Thursday morning. The backlash was immediate, with a number of organizations including the NCAA expressing their concern over the bill and how it may affect their future decisions on whether or not to […]

GOP Gov. Mike Pence Announces State-Run Media With Pre-Written Stories

From the “you can’t make this shit up” files, Gov. Mike Pence (R-Indiana) is starting a state-run news service. You heard that right, I’m not making this up – Gov. Mike Pence (R-Indiana) is starting a state-run news service. For all of the crazy news stories I see on a daily basis, including all of […]

CAUGHT! Republican Schools Chief Changed Grades for Republican Donor’s Charter School

Is your school’s performance falling behind the pack? Student grades not up to par? If you’re a prominent Republican donor in a red state who has given millions to Republicans over the years, apparently you have nothing to worry about. Everything will be “taken care of” for you. At least that’s what happened in Indiana […]