Sen. Lindsey Graham Says He Would Use Military Force Against Congress As President

Conservative pundits and politicians love to portray President Obama as a lawless domestic tyrant who has shredded the Constitution. Hardly a day goes by when Fox News hosts don’t ask if he’s violating the Constitution or insinuate that he’s a Marxist Muslim sent to destroy America as we know it as part of a secret […]

What the Hell was John McCain Doing in Syria?

Last week it was widely reported that Sen. John McCain had made a little trip over to Syria; on taxpayer funds might I add. While the details of the trip are fuzzy, and certain facts about who he visited with and what he did while he was there are still being debated, the real question […]

If We Really Wanted to “Support our Troops,” We’d End No-Bid Defense Contracts and Corporate Welfare

It is currently estimated that the super rich are stashing as much as $32 trillion offshore, according to a recent study.  Meanwhile, back here in the United States, we still have unacceptable levels of unemployment and our infrastructure is crumbling. We have bridges that are collapsing as well as ports and roads that need expansion […]