Here’s How Conservative States Like Louisiana Can Start Electing Democrats

Until recent months, it was assumed that Republican Senator David Vitter would be the next Republican governor of Louisiana. Coming into this race, David Vitter had the political wind at his back. In a jungle primary, he faced off against Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle and Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne, both Republicans. The underdog candidate was […]

Marco Rubio Perfectly Displays Republican Idiocy About the Minimum Wage (Video)

It’s not exactly a secret that many Republicans flat-out oppose the minimum wage. While I understand why big businesses or the wealthy might oppose it, I’ve never understood why anyone else would. The arguments many use when speaking out against the minimum wage just flat-out don’t make any sense. The most common one being that, […]

Pizza Shop Owner 2 Years After Raising Employee Wages: We’re ‘Light Years Ahead of Most Restaurants’

No matter how many times I encounter people who oppose raising the minimum wage (or even having a minimum wage), I never hear any rational or logical explanation as to why they feel how they do. I think my favorite piece of rhetoric these people use is: The minimum wage is a job killer!  When someone […]

A New Economic Study Proves Why We Need To Raise The Minimum Wage

If you believe conservative pundits and politicians, you probably believe that the poorest Americans are where they are not because we should raise the minimum wage, but because they’re lazy and don’t want to work. There’s hardly a day that goes by when you don’t hear the talking heads at Fox News parrot the tired […]

An Open Letter To Matt Walsh On Behalf Of Underpaid Workers Across America

Dear Mr. Matt Walsh, I have read your article from April 15th entitled “Fast Food Workers: You Don’t Deserve $15 an Hour to Flip Burgers, and That’s OK,” and while conservatives across America cheer you on for putting those greedy fast food workers in their place, allow me to put you in yours. In your […]

Jeb Bush Displays His Stupidity While Discussing Income Inequality and the Minimum Wage (Video)

People who oppose the minimum wage are some of the most detestable individuals in this country. When someone tries to tell me that having a minimum wage hurts job creation and worsens income inequality, I instantly feel my blood begin to boil. That argument, in my opinion, is stupidity in its purest form. And it’s […]

3 Things Republicans Have Blocked That Americans Support More Than The Keystone XL Pipeline

One of the biggest talking points Republicans like to use as it relates to the Keystone XL pipeline (aside from their lies about jobs) is that the American people overwhelmingly support this project and want to see it built. To be fair, that’s pretty much true. About 65 percent of Americans surveyed said they support the […]

Study Shows States That Raised Their Minimum Wage Experienced Faster Job Growth

People who oppose the minimum wage always try to paint any increase as this “massive job killer” that will undoubtedly leave millions of Americans unable to find work. This belief, as most sane people are well aware of, is based on complete nonsense. In fact, companies like GAP, which recently announced that they would be […]

I Can’t Believe There are Still Fools Out There Who Oppose the Minimum Wage

There are few arguments that will send me into a borderline rage quite like when I come across someone who says we should eliminate the minimum wage.  Someone who opposes the minimum wage really is a special kind of stupid. How’s that bad but sadly true joke go?  When someone is paying you minimum wage, […]

How One Small Business is Debunking Nearly Every Lie Republicans Tell About Raising the Minimum Wage

Every single time a push to raise the minimum wage gets going, the American people are subjected to the same old propaganda from Republicans.  It’s bad for job creation, hurts small businesses, stifles growth, causes businesses to actually cut jobs – you know, the usual nonsense that never happens. And the way I look at […]