Republicans Are Failing Horribly At Attracting Minority Voters

If Republicans want to remain politically viable over the next few election cycles, they must confront the fact that the ethnic landscape of America is changing. In the last few years since Mitt Romney embarrassingly lost 83% of the minority vote, they have tried to promote minority candidates as proof that they are not out […]

5 Things America Will Lose If Conservatives Win In 2016

I recently wrote about how much trouble Democrats are in if they fail to vote in every election. There is no doubt about it, right-wing conservatives, backed by unlimited corporate funding, are successfully eroding rights and slashing regulations in every state they control. This is especially evident here in Louisiana where Bobby Jindal and right-wing conservatives […]

The GOP Decides To Spend $60M On Minority Outreach

No this isn’t a joke, the Republican Party is about to drop $60 million in an attempt to improve their image through a minority outreach campaign. Ok, well it isn’t all minority voters, just those who might be able to look past the racism and xenophobia running rampant on the fringes of the GOP. To […]

Who The Hell Do Republicans Really Represent? I’ll Tell You Who…

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the Republican party.  They seem to be built on rhetoric and driven by propaganda.  A party which is driven by a series of talking points which I often call “bumper sticker politics.”  Meaning that they refuse to support any issue which won’t neatly fit on a […]