A Gun Owner Perfectly Explains How We Can Reduce Gun Violence With Common Sense

In the wake of last week’s shooting in Oregon which left 10 dead, many gun fanatics are screaming about their Second Amendment rights, and how President Obama wants to confiscate their guns. Despite the fact that the United States has a disproportionate amount of gun violence when compared to other countries, they want you to believe […]

No, Bernie Sanders Supporters Aren’t Looking for “Free Handouts”

No, I am not supporting Bernie Sanders because I want free stuff. Seriously, if I hear this ill-informed opinion one more time, I’m going to lose my mind. It’s a tired old conservative talking point that needs to be put to rest – once and for all. Jeb Bush made a statement that Democrats lure voters […]

Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Tony Yarber Says City Can ‘Pray Potholes Away’

Jackson is the capital of the state of Mississippi, and the largest city as well with a population of over 170,000 residents. Apparently those residents elected an interesting character in Mayor Tony Yarber, who seems to believe that some of the city’s infrastructure issues can be fixed for free – with the power of prayer. Seriously, […]

Morgan Freeman And Other Famous Mississippians Ask State To Remove Confederate Flag

150 years ago, Confederate general Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union general Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox, ending the Civil War. In the years following the conflict, many notable leaders of the secessionist cause, including Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis, called for the Confederate flag to be put away as the nation tried to […]

Open Carry Gun Nut Terrorizes Mississippi Town, Police Can’t Do Anything About It (Video)

I’m someone who usually tries to have an open mind about most things, but there’s no way you’ll ever convince me that openly carrying guns out in public is a good thing. I’ve yet to have a single one of these gun nuts tell me how, if I lined up a group of 100 random people […]

Abortion Rates Decline Nationwide, Except In Two Conservative States

Abortion rates are on a major decline across the United States, and while social conservatives will point to this as proof that anti-abortion laws that were passed in red states work, it’s not as simple as that. While abortion rates were down in nearly all states that data was available for, Louisiana and Michigan actually […]

Mississippi Law Would Permit Unlicensed Drivers To Operate Buses Under Religious Exemption

Alabama and Mississippi have recently been in a battle of which state could pass the most ridiculous laws. For awhile, I didn’t think anything was going to top the Alabama city declaring itself to be “owned by God,” something I’m sure any supernatural being would ask for a refund on immediately. To make sure they […]

The Supreme Court Signals The End Of The Gay Marriage Battle

Despite other horrible rulings like Citizens United, the Supreme Court has just given us a pretty clear message that it intends to end the battle over gay marriage during this term. The ruling, which is expected this summer, would put an end to the remaining state laws which prohibit same-sex couples from getting married. Much […]

Mississippi Republican Switches to Democratic Party Over GOP’s Stubbornness on Obamacare (Video)

A Mississippi Republican has decided to leave his party and join the Democratic party over the GOP’s continued sabotage of the Affordable Care Act. Former Republican state Sen. Tim Johnson not only announced that he was leaving the Republican party to join with the Democrats, but that he would be running for Lt. Governor of Mississippi in […]

Sen. John McCain Introduces Amendment That Will Destroy More American Jobs

Remember when Sen. John McCain was the Republican you kinda sorta liked, at least up until the point where his 2008 presidential campaign put the Quitta from Wasilla on the national stage? How about that time when he proclaimed “I have to tell you. Sen. Obama is a decent person and a person you don’t have […]