Here’s How Mitt Romney Could Be The Republican Nominee Again In 2016

Mitt Romney as the GOP’s nominee in 2016 may seem surprising, considering the fact that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are the top two candidates currently in the primary race. While political pundits have predicted that Trump’s shelf life has passed its expiration date with his absurd comments about immigrants, Muslims and women, there isn’t […]

Ben Carson Won’t Rule Out The Idea of Drone Strikes Near Mexican Border

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is currently sitting third in the GOP primary polls and is trying to break out of the Donald Trump vacuum that has sucked all the air out of the race. Try as they might, Republican contenders have said and done almost anything they can short of actually physically assaulting an […]

Fox News is a Big Part of What’s Wrong With the Republican Party

Believe it or not, I do know moderate Republicans. Heck, I know several former Republicans who are now Democrats because the GOP has become far too extreme. And while Democrats and Republicans have typically always differed on many issues, we haven’t seen a political divide like this in decades – if ever. We’ve literally approached […]

This Study Shows How Hard It Will Be For A Republican To Win The White House

Whether or not Donald Trump’s candidacy is real, a conspiracy with the Clintons to sabotage Republican chances, or just an elaborate piece of political performance art – the GOP is in serious trouble with Latino voters. Granted, they’ve managed to make themselves unpalatable to nearly everyone except white conservative voters, but the anti-immigration rhetoric coming […]

Ted Cruz Secretly Caught on Audio Saying What He Really Thinks of Mitt Romney

For better or worse (usually worse) we’re now in a world where we really do have to watch at all times what we’re saying and doing. The Internet hasn’t only allowed us to be more informed and connected than ever before, but it’s also stripped away a lot of our privacy. It’s ironic that in a […]

Is Jeb Bush Hiring Actors To Make His Campaign Seem More Popular Than It Is?

A story has been circulating for about a week now claiming that a company admitted that politicians rent crowds of people from them in order for their campaigns to seem more popular. It also hints that Jeb Bush may be one of these politicians and that his run for the White House might need all […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Nearly Flies the Christian Flag at Half-Staff

Hello, I’m Pastor Pillow! I want to thank each of you 25,739 precious sheep for gathering today within the air-conditioned confines of Cubic Zirconium Cathedral Ministries—and that doesn’t even include the thousands freshly herded to us from the recently christened Cross-Winds Megachurch of El Paso (a new #usedtobeablockbuster CZC Ministries remote access site). Brothers and […]

6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Monsanto

Seed manufacturer Monsanto Company has been the target of a lot of criticism over the past few years, including a couple of articles that I wrote when I first started writing for Forward Progressives. In 2013, the first annual March Against Monsanto took place. It was supposedly in response to the failure of California Proposition […]

GOP Hypocrisy Hits A New Low Denying President Obama’s Christian Faith

My editor here at Forward Progressives has encouraged me to limit articles on punditry and focus more on the issues, especially given we are coming into a presidential election, and highlight things that matter. When presented with the theme for this article, he gave it a green light. Why? Because conservative politicians, politicians who are […]

More Bad News For Rick Perry As Judge Refuses To Throw Out Charges Against Him

Once again, there’s more bad news for Rick Perry and his presumed presidential campaign in 2016. For the second time, a judge has refused to toss the case against the former Texas governor. Perry is facing two charges that he abused his power while in office by using his power as governor to try to remove […]