There’s a Better Way: Remarks to the South Carolina Democratic Party Executive Committee

Good evening.  My name is Arik Bjorn. I sense relief in the room.  “So that’s how he pronounces his name.” BJORN is Norwegian for bear.  And that is precisely the animal that represents my pending campaign against “Status Quo” Joe Wilson.  Grizzly, not koala. MAKE NO MISTAKE:  The Wilson Dynasty will fall once and for […]

There’s a Better Way:  Remarks to the 2016 South Carolina Democratic Party Convention

This is an expanded version of Arik Bjorn’s remarks delivered at the podium to the South Carolina Democratic Party. Good afternoon.  My name is Arik Bjorn. When you find yourself preaching to the choir, sometimes you just have to sing your heart out.  Let’s belt a bit, shall we? When the dust of Campaign 2016 […]

There’s a Better Way: I’m Running for Congress in South Carolina

A Daughter’s View Like every parent, I love my child beyond words.  I want my young daughter to have the best opportunities in a peaceful, industrious world.  I am running to represent the Second Congressional District of South Carolina because I am confident that our District can emerge from “Status Quo” Joe stagnation and work […]

Inspired by Bernie: Let Those Who Can, Run in November ’16

November 2012. There before me, an empty space on the election ballot. Not one progressive had dared oppose the incumbent.  His tenure in office was marred by admitted “inappropriate and regrettable” behavior, yet he ran unchallenged. The blinking cursor thumbed its nose at me, keenly aware that whatever name I wrote in—be it “Johnny Appleseed” […]

Humanity, Not Quite Ready for Civilization: Enemy-Making, Resistance is Everything

Part IV in a series that explores whether humanity is ready for Civilization. Click these links to read Part I, Part II and Part III.   Enemies. Imagine a world without them. Yeah, that’s usually how most genocides start. … Have you ever noticed that humans seem to need enemies? How, even in relatively peaceful […]

Humanity, Not Quite Ready for Civilization: MLK’s Audacious Belief

Part III in a series that explores whether humanity is ready for Civilization. Click the following links to read Part I and Part II.   Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what Civilization means? Nobel Peace laureate and philosopher Albert Schweitzer did. In his book, The Philosophy of Civilization, the great thinker writes: “We […]

MLK Would Not Support The Rioting And Looting In Baltimore

One reason why Martin Luther King, Jr. is an interesting political figure is because his words are some of the few that both liberals and conservatives try to exploit for their own benefit. It’s amazing how racial issues – such as the protests and riots ongoing in Baltimore – bring both sides running to try […]

Ridiculous Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert Compares Himself To MLK

If at all possible I avoid discussing racism with conservatives like the plague. Using facts and rational thought to discuss the very real problem of racism in this country (especially as it pertains to the GOP) is about as useful as speaking Chinese to try to communicate with a panda bear. Republicans will swear up […]

Dinesh D’Souza’s Absurd MLK Comments Prove the Man is Completely Delusional

While the name Dinesh D’Souza isn’t as common as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly, he’s still a fairly well-known public figure in conservative circles. Though I’m not sure if I would call him influential. While he has written a couple of books, and subsequently made moves based on them, they’ve mostly […]

Fox News Host Explodes on Glenn Beck, ‘No Wonder the Son-of-a-B*tch Is Off the TV!’

I guess I’m not the only one who isn’t buying this “new” Glenn Beck.  You know, the guy who’s trying to act like he has regrets about being “divisive” and seems to be making an effort to at least seem more moderate – though I’m not buying it at all. Well, apparently neither is Fox News’ Bob […]