The Texas Shooting Is Not The Same As The Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Have you ever noticed that conservatives love to talk about their rights under the Constitution being infringed? Just go to any of their websites and they will talk about how liberals and President Obama are trying to take away their First and Second Amendment rights until they’re blue in the face from typing out caps-locked […]

What Do Open Carry Texas And Cop Block Have In Common?

Some time back, I took a lot of grief for defending an Oklahoma Highway Patrol captain who had his words twisted and taken out of context by a number of websites, including the Huffington Post. One of the things that I pointed out is that organizations like Cop Block and Free Thought Project use any […]

Open Carry Texas Finally Backs Down

Earlier this week, I wrote an article about the recent open carry incidents in Texas where some individuals have made it a point to carry assault weapons in public and into private establishments, in protest of Texas law which does not allow the open carry of handguns. Let me explain this: In Texas you can […]

Chipotle Chooses Burritos over Bullets

Over the weekend, Open Carry Texas visited a Chipotle restaurant in Dallas. They called it an “armed trip,” according to a¬†Facebook post highlighting the event. Gun extremists lauded the “trip,” and began cheering Chipotle on social media, and maligning and insulting anyone who dared suggest this was a horrible idea. Chipotle’s Facebook page administrators were […]