No, Hillary Clinton Does Not Work For Monsanto

Hillary Clinton has had a long career of service both in charity, law, and government. Starting in the 1960s, she became involved with politics, starting as a Republican, but soon becoming a Democrat in 1968. For any politician, male or female, she has a very impressive resume. Now she wants to be the next president […]

Bill Blocking GMO Label Requirements By States Passes U.S. House

Despite the overwhelming scientific consensus that genetically modified foods are safe for consumption, a couple of states have passed laws requiring labels for any foods produced using this technology. These states, urged on by the organic industry lobby, would force food manufacturers to place labels on their food that would re-enforce the narrative pushed by […]

6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Monsanto

Seed manufacturer Monsanto Company has been the target of a lot of criticism over the past few years, including a couple of articles that I wrote when I first started writing for Forward Progressives. In 2013, the first annual March Against Monsanto took place. It was supposedly in response to the failure of California Proposition […]

Dear Anti-GMO Activists, Keep Your Stupid Labels Off My Food (VIDEO)

I’ve often said that the opposition to genetically modified food ingredients is the left’s version of climate change denialism. This year both in Oregon and Hawaii (two pretty solidly liberal states) – as well as Colorado – there are measures on the ballot that fly in the face of science, and head straight on down […]

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson And The Left’s Problem With Science

Earlier this week Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson told people to “chill out” about GMOs, and as a result, a lot of people got really upset with their science hero for not catering to their inability to understand science. Genetic biology is not his area of expertise, but then again, Dr. Tyson does have a better education […]

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Marching Against Monsanto? What You Need To Know First

On May 8th, Vermont became the first US state to require labels on food with genetically modified ingredients, a historic landmark for anti-GMO, anti-Monsanto activists. In the anti-GMO/Monsanto campaign, I see a lot of misinformation, scare tactics and an opportunity for organic food companies to expand their market reach. Scaremongering and relying on easily digestable talking […]

Sick of voter suppression and underhanded GOP tactics? You CAN fight back.

We’re seeing a lot of people sitting around and talking about how shocking and disturbing Republican actions like the recent voter suppression laws are, but what nobody seems to be talking about is what we need to do to stop them and the folks like the Koch brothers who fund the politicians who are pushing […]

Monsanto Conspiracy Theorists do the Anti-GMO Movement No Favors

There have been a lot of hyped up articles circulating recently from little-known websites stating that Monsanto has bought Blackwater, or is partnering with the US military to shut down anti-GMO activists. While this plays into the paranoia and the bias confirmation atmosphere that surrounds the movement, let’s separate the facts from the fiction and […]

The Conflict of Interest between Justice Thomas and Monsanto Should Concern Us All

About two weeks ago, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Monsanto, when it held that a farmer had violated their genetically modified soybean patent. In short, a farmer purchased genetically modified soybean seeds from Monsanto, subject to a licensing agreement which allowed him to plant the seeds for one season and one season only. Subsequently, […]

How Do We Stop Monsanto? It’s as Easy as This…

It seems that nearly everyone needs a boogeyman, and for many, it is Monsanto. This weekend, around the world there were marches in protest of that company. If you’ve read my page Whiskey and The Morning After Blog and my article titled “The Monsanto Protection Act and Why You Were Duped,” you may believe that […]