CNN’s Chris Cuomo Rips Morning Joe Over Their Hypocrisy on Trump, Sean Hannity (Video)

Nowadays if you watch MSNBC’s Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, you’ll see two people who spend a good amount of time calling out the many scandals, lies, controversies, and other never-ending chaos emanating from Donald Trump and his administration. However, that wasn’t always the case. Once upon a time, just over a year ago, […]

Maddow Brilliantly Mocks Trump Administration’s Embarrassingly High Rate of Turnover (Video)

Donald Trump has frequently bragged that he picks “the best people” with whom to surround himself. Throughout his entire campaign he promised that, if elected, he’d surround himself with “the best people” to “make America great again.” Most of us knew that Trump’s the type of person who wants to be surrounded by “yes-men” who […]

Nicolle Wallace Breaks Chris Christie’s Heart, Tells Him Trump Doesn’t Care About Him (Video)

Long before most Republicans sold out to Donald Trump, Chris Christie proudly became one of this “president’s” lap dogs. An early critic of the incompetence of Trump, it seemed the moment Christie felt he might be able to kiss his backside enough to score a key position within his administration, he couldn’t hurry fast enough […]

Nicolle Wallace Perfectly Mocks Stupidity of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Defense of Trump’s Racism (Video)

One of my favorite anti-Trump conservatives out there right now is MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace. She’s been one of a handful of prominent conservatives in the media who’ve refused to sell their soul to back someone who they know is unfit to be “president.” Such as Thursday when, with just one line, she perfectly mocked Sarah Huckabee […]

Joy Reid Humiliates Trump Defender, Fact-Checks His Conspiracy Theory Live (Video)

Seeing as Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Kremlin-backed lawyer promising him dirt on the Clintons directly from the Russian government as part of Russia’s efforts to help his father’s campaign is pretty much indefensible, those who’ve tried to defend it have come up with some fairly ridiculous excuses for what took place on June […]

This is the Real Story We Need to be Discussing Following Maddow’s Report on Trump’s Taxes

The big story Tuesday evening revolved around Rachel Maddow’s announcement that she had obtained “Trump tax returns.” However, all we got was two pages from his 2005 return that told us really nothing more than how much he earned that year, what he paid in taxes, that he wrote off $100 million in business losses, […]

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and Joe Scarborough Show Us Exactly Why Donald Trump Might Win (Video)

At least every other day someone asks me whether or not I think Donald Trump can win in November – to which I always insist that he absolutely can and they should never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Especially considering we’re already into September and the media has done its best to […]

MSBNC Host Melissa Harris-Perry Tries to Turn Star Wars Into a PC Racial Issue (Video)

Aside from battling conservatives who seem determined to destroy the middle class, set this country back decades and turn the United States into a fanatical Christian theocracy, my second biggest nemesis tends to be ridiculous far-left liberals who, quite frankly, often make the left look like complete idiots. I’ve made no secret of the fact […]

Mike Huckabee Gets Embarrassed and Exposed During MSNBC Interview About Kim Davis (Video)

Very few things render me speechless, but an MSNBC interview I just watched featuring Mike Huckabee trying to defend Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis almost did just that. Even as someone who despises Huckabee, I found myself cringing during certain points as he tried to slime his way out of answering questions that, if he were […]

Chris Matthews Hammers Ted Cruz: Republicans ‘Loved’ the Supreme Court in 2000 (Video)

Though the rhetoric is winding down just a bit, there’s still barking going on from some within the Republican party over the “5 unelected lawyers” who ultimately ruled that bans on same-sex marriage violated the Fourteenth Amendment. Funny, these same people seem perfectly happy when the very conservative members of the Court (Scalia/Thomas/Alito) almost always […]