Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: 2014, Civilization in the Balance

Pastor Pillow here! Parishioners, kindly open your hymnals to No. 475, “Rock of Ages.” Ahem.  Make that No. 457. Sigh.  Never mind. Lots to share upon my return from all the spiritual retreating that Mt. Athos has to offer.  No, there’s nothing quite like hanging ten with holy persons on the peninsula of Chalkidiki in […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: The War on St. Nicholas, A Glass of Wine & Thou

Brass tacks, ladies and gentlemen. There is no War on Christmas. What there is, however, is a WAR ON ST. NICHOLAS. Long before Coca-Cola solidified Santa Claus as the Patron Saint of Capitalism in the 1930s, there lived a Christian bishop from Asia Minor (modern Turkey) who earned his sainthood by saving impoverished young girls […]