Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Until Further Notice, Heavenly Hosts Are Furloughed

Damn.  Take off two weeks with the flu, and all hell breaks loose in Christendom. First, Pope Francis exhorts Catholics to stop obsessing about homosexuality and other decisions adults make about their genitals, then the U.S. federal government shuts down because Evangelical politicians think The Golden Rule was a throwaway line that Christ didn’t really […]

Republican Who Scolded Park Ranger At Closed WWII Memorial Hit With Ethics Complaint

Perhaps you might have heard there’s a government shutdown going on right now.  And what goes along with a government shutdown is the closing of things like national parks and monuments. One of the bigger stories surrounding such closings this week involved the WWII Memorial and a Texas Congressman who scolded a park ranger for […]

To Uncle Sam, in Lieu of Flowers, for Your Son Trayvon

What to give our Beloved Uncle Sam in belated celebration of his 49th Anniversary to his yearning bride, the Civil Rights Act? Fifty years of marital bliss is gold, but we’re not quite there. Etiquette lists inform me that for 49 years it is appropriate to give our white-bearded, svelte emperor “LUXURIES, ANY KIND.” And […]