Conservative Blogger Jonah Goldberg Is Completely Wrong About Free Speech

I’m not someone who necessarily believes in “political correctness” or altering my choice of words just because someone might be offended. I have come to believe that it is polite to address someone by the gender they identify with, just like I was taught that you should address your elders as “Sir” or “Ma’am” – because […]

Donald Trump Joins The Starbucks Boycott Stupidity

The ridiculous outrage over the 2015 Starbucks holiday cup started with gun fanatic and so-called “evangelist” Joshua Feuerstein encouraging his followers to boycott the coffee chain – or get the baristas to write “Merry Christmas” on their cups of expensive coffee. The whole thing was so ridiculous that when Fox News posted about it on […]

Sorry, The Liberal Media Isn’t Trying To Destroy Ben Carson

Once again, the folks over at the conservative website National Review have published something so ridiculous that I have no choice but to respond. Last time it was their pathetic attempt to link Bernie Sanders to Nazis and ignoring the fact that Germany was under fascism and National Socialism, which is nothing like Democratic Socialism. […]

No, The Left Really Doesn’t Hate Ben Carson

Dennis Prager recently wrote an article for National Review claiming that liberals really hate Ben Carson. He also defends the bizarre comments that Ben Carson made regarding the Holocaust when he claimed that Hitler might not have been as successful in his goals had people been armed. First, let me address the claims regarding the Holocaust, […]

Donald Trump Angrily Calls For The FCC To Fine Fox News

Donald Trump is having another spat with Fox News. Imagine that. This is the second time that the Republican presidential frontrunner and Rupert Murdoch’s network have had a feud, and it looks like things are only going to get even more heated between the two. I don’t really care what happens on Fox News or […]

Conservative Website Insinuates That Jewish Bernie Sanders Is A Nazi

One of the main criticisms of Bernie Sanders from both Republicans and more conservative Democrats is that he’s a self-described “socialist.” Over the past few decades, conservatives loyal to big money interests have done everything they can to make the word socialist a slur, all while conveniently ignoring the fact that socialism is alive and […]

The 5 Worst Conservative Memes Of The Week

This is the thirteenth installment in our weekly fact-check series “The 5 Worst Conservative Memes Of The Week.” For last week’s installment, see here. For those of you who are seeing this for the first time, the idea behind the countdown is to spotlight the dumbest, most absurd, or downright horrible conservative memes that are […]

American Conservatives Are More Interested In Controversy Than Sane Policy

Kevin Williamson is a conservative correspondent for National Review noted for, frankly, making an ass of himself. Williamson was the writer who wrote a passage in a piece he wrote that described an African-American boy (who Williamson estimated to be about 9 years old) making the “gesture of primate territorial challenge.” He’s also against voting, […]

Conservative Dennis Prager Asks ‘Who’s Racist?’ and Fails

Conservative pundit Dennis Prager is probably the whitest person I’ve ever seen. That doesn’t make him a racist, but it certainly doesn’t give him authority to take over a conversation defining racism. And given his arguments about voting restrictions and Herman Cain (among others), it’s safe to say that Prager trying to pin racism on […]

Abolish the Minimum Wage and Bring Back Robber Barons!

You wanna hear a good libertarian joke? Robber barons are humanitarians and abolishing the minimum wage is the humanitarian thing to do. Ok, it’s not funny, but Amity Shlaes argues at the National Review that having a minimum wage is not just economically a bad idea (because it dips into the pockets of the 1%ers), […]