Congressman Paul Gosar Calls Native Americans “Wards of the State”

When Congressman Paul Gosar referred to sovereign Indian nations as “wards of the federal government” a couple of weeks ago, he set off a storm. While referring to Native people as “wards of the state” is deeply problematic and racist language that the US government wants to leave in the past, the term itself is indicative of how […]

Are You Ready for Some Washington Tea Party Football?

So the Washington R*dsk*ns (it’s a slur, and I refuse to write-out slurs and give them their power) were just informed that their sucky racist name is and has been disparaging to Native American people. Thus, they cannot hold exclusive use of the name for copyright reasons. It’s not exactly the end of Dan Snyder […]

Cliven Bundy Now Encouraging Lunatic Followers to Trample Through Navajo Nation Sites

When the Cliven Bundy story first hit, I wrote that he epitomizes almost everything that’s wrong with the conservative movement.  And I still stand by that belief.  He’s an anti-government hypocrite who’s essentially pissed off because he’s been found guilty (by four different courts) of violating federal law by allowing his cattle to graze on land […]