Fight Trump and Joe “You Lie!” Wilson While You Still Can

When South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jaime Harrison spoke at this year’s historic 140th Galivants Ferry Stump—the oldest and most famous Democratic Party stump event in the United States—he went to the political woodshed for a quote that could not be a clearer sign of the times to all Democrats from sea to shining sea. […]

Hillary Clinton Compares Russian Invasion of Ukraine to Nazi Aggression

While Nazi comparisons have been far too common in American politics, especially from conservatives toward liberals and President Obama, not all comparisons to Nazi Germany are unfounded. Take recent comments made by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton she made during a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach where, according to attendees, […]

Ted Nugent Uses Slur Used By Nazis When Attacking President Obama

I’ve always told conservatives if they don’t want to be tied in with being the party of “racism and hate,” they really need to stop associating with those who are filled with racism and hate.  That just makes sense, right? You can’t associate with bigots and racists, then claim that you’re not part of that […]

What Would Hitler Do?: The Politics of Nana-Nana-Boo-Boo

a political public service announcement Odds are by now some of your politically-obsessed family members and friends have done it.  Hank Williams Jr. did it.  Arizona State Representative Brenda Barton sure the hell did it.  She not only did it, but stands by her decision to do it!  All of these Tweeting numskulls have done […]

Georgia Conservative Group Wants To Revive The KKK (VIDEO)

Citing a need to return to traditional American values and as a response to what he believes is the imminent destruction of the United States by immigrants and labor groups, a local ex-minister has planned to climb to the top of Stone Mountain, Georgia on Thanksgiving Day and light a cross on fire to signify […]