Ridiculous Yahoo Article Tries to Exploit Sexual Harassment for the Sake of Fake Outrage

I might get slammed for my opinion on this, and that’s fine. But I just ran across a Yahoo! Sports article that made me ashamed that I actually bothered to even read it. It started out when I saw the headline: Tristan Thompson kisses a sideline reporter, and he really, really screwed up. For those of you who […]

Why Aren’t the Duck Dynasty/Phil Robertson Hypocrites Rushing to Donald Sterling’s Defense?

It’s always an interesting time when politics and pop culture mix.  We saw it during the Duck Dynasty/Phil Robertson controversy back in December and when Bill Nye debated Ken Ham in February.  But, of course, the most recent story that’s developed has been Donald Sterling’s incredibly racist comments. And, as expected, most Republicans have come out […]

NBA Owner Tells Girlfriend to Stop Associating with Black People Publicly (Audio)

Wow.  That’s about all I can say after listening to the 9 minute argument Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling had with his “girlfriend” that was released by TMZ Sports, where he told her that he didn’t want her associating with black people (or minorities in general) in public. Which is ironic considering this woman […]

Minnesota Republican Tweets Blatantly Racist Thoughts About the NBA and Street Crime

There’s nothing wrong with someone not being a fan of the NBA.  I’ve often said that if I wasn’t a fan of a particular team, I probably wouldn’t watch the sport at all. It seems Minnesota State Representative Pat Garofalo isn’t much of a fan of the league either.  Not if you go by his […]

What LeBron James and the Evolution of the NBA Has Shown Me About a Huge Issue Plaguing Our Society

Before I get started, this isn’t meant at all to be any kind of personal attack on LeBron James.  The guy is an absolute beast of an athlete and is easily one of the best professional basketball players who’s ever lived.  I don’t know anything about him personally but by all accounts he’s a great […]

First Athlete in the 4 Major American Professional Sports Comes Out as Gay

Today Jason Collins, who played for the Washington Wizards this past season, came out as an openly gay American in a Sports Illustrated interview.  For most, this wouldn’t be headline news because we have millions of openly gay Americans all across our country. But this one is just a little different. You see, Jason Collins […]