Mandela and Legitimate Anger

“Power concedes nothing without demand.” – Frederick Douglass It’s weird seeing all these people praising Mandela who previously were harassing him for his directed anger at not just South Africa’s apartheid, but the US’s corporate involvement and support of evil regimes. But I think if anyone had a right to be really angry, it’d be South African […]

Rick Santorum Ridiculously Equates Nelson Mandela’s Fight Against Apartheid to What?

It seems like a day doesn’t go by without some big-name Republican proving once again that the GOP just doesn’t get it. No matter what they’re talking about or what’s going on in the world, Republicans will always find a way to turn the discussion back toward “Obamacare.” It’s almost like some twisted “Obamacare” version […]

To Uncle Sam, in Lieu of Flowers, for Your Son Trayvon

What to give our Beloved Uncle Sam in belated celebration of his 49th Anniversary to his yearning bride, the Civil Rights Act? Fifty years of marital bliss is gold, but we’re not quite there. Etiquette lists inform me that for 49 years it is appropriate to give our white-bearded, svelte emperor “LUXURIES, ANY KIND.” And […]

Gandhi vs. Wolverine: The Adamantium of Peace

It is a first conversation that fathers the world over have eagerly anticipated dating back to the days of ancient Uruk: “Father, tell us about the time that Gilgamesh and Enkidu defeated the evil giant Humbaba.” “Oh, all right. Hop up on my lap. One day, not long after Gilgamesh and his hairy friend Enkidu […]