Florida Mayor Declares His City A Trump-Free Zone Due To The Threat Posed By Donald Trump

Faced by a surge from the Ted Cruz campaign in Iowa, Donald Trump has ratcheted up his anti-immigration rhetoric in order to counter the first legitimate candidate to challenge him. Well, St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman has had the best response so far to Trump’s newest ridiculous proposal that we should temporarily bar all Muslims from […]

Democrats Want Senate Hearings On Domestic Terrorism After Charleston Shooting

There is hardly a day that goes by that we don’t hear about the dangers of foreign terrorists, specifically Islamic extremists. Turn on the TV to a news channel, especially Fox News, and you’ll inevitably find a pundit or politician talking about terrorism. If it is conservative media, you can bet it also is about […]

Gun Fanatic Larry Pratt: Obama Is Like Hitler And Wants Take Away Our Guns

Whenever I post something on my page concerning guns, two things inevitably happen. First, if I mention that I am a gun owner, some liberals get upset that someone on the left would have the nerve to own guns. Second, I get swarmed by people who make remarks about how President Obama is going to […]

The KKK Pathetically Claims “White Genocide” Exists

Racist billboards, espousing “white pride,” have been popping up in some Southern states recently, most notably in Alabama and Arkansas. A billboard in Harrison, Arkansas shows a photo of a very sad white girl, holding a puppy, and reads “It’s NOT Racist to love Your People,” the word love replaced with a red heart. That ad […]