Now More Than Ever, Republicans Have Become The Party Of Hatred And Fear

While Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are running campaigns on a message of moving America forward, Republicans are mostly preaching a message of taking this country back to the days of white Christian conservatism. Even as America becomes increasingly diverse and secular, frontrunners like Donald Trump and Ben Carson are talking about reestablishing a bigoted, […]

Here’s How Republicans Are Planning To Defeat Hillary Clinton In 2016

Unless we are very careful, Republicans will win again in 2016 and further solidify their grip on the House and Senate. Sadly, they will also very likely take the White House as well, setting us up for at least 8 years of Jeb Bush or Scott Walker. While this might sound improbable considering the fact […]

Amazing Hypocrisy: Ted Cruz Is Enrolling In Obamacare

One day into his 2016 presidential campaign and Ted Cruz has already shot himself in the foot and demonstrated his own hypocrisy on an issue he is making a central part of his platform. After railing against the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) and promising to repeal and replace every bit of it, […]

It’s The 21st Century, Why Are We Still Arguing About Vaccines?

Vaccines save lives. Smallpox, polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, yellow fever, tetanus, and measles have all been brought under “some degree of control” by vaccines. Vaccines are especially helpful in poverty-stricken countries, where infant mortality is extremely high. Vaccines allow families in poor countries the freedom to only have as many children as they want, not […]

Neocon Chickenhawk Dick Cheney Calls Obama “Weak”

Dick Cheney, former vice president under the worst president in my lifetime, appeared on Sean Hannity’s program Wednesday evening to attack the Obama administration. For eleven minutes, Dick Cheney and Sean Hannity gleefully insulted President Obama, while ignoring what happened to this country during the Bush administration. It was nauseating, it was rage-inspiring, and it […]

Republicans Praising Putin Prove One Thing — They’ve Officially Lost Their Minds

Being someone who follows politics daily, I read a lot of things that are really “out there.” ¬†And being a liberal it’s natural that I oppose most Republican ideology, because most of the time it just doesn’t make sense. But as I look back several years ago, even during our worst disagreements, I could find […]