Bernie Sanders Blasts The Media For Ignoring His Presidential Campaign

Many Bernie Sanders supporters have complained that the media is not paying attention to his candidacy, and rightly so. However, the same can be said for nearly every other candidate in the race who has to struggle to gain any kind of press coverage that anyone will notice. Why? Because the American public (and subsequently […]

What do Miley Cyrus, Males Exposing Themselves in Public and Syria Have in Common?

On any given week there are any number of popular headlines that will circulate around major media sites and the blogosphere. ┬áMost vanish into oblivion while a handful seem to be featured on nearly every sort of media site imaginable. This week’s big news seems to be: Miley Cyrus and what she did Miley Cyrus […]

News Media Has Become More about Selling a Headline than Actually Researching and Informing

Up through the day of the 2012 election, Fox News predicted Romney would win, and win by a large margin. I remember people smugly telling me to get ready for a Republican wave that would continue the Tea Party gains of 2010. I even had invites to a “victory party” the night of the election, […]