Nicolle Wallace Breaks Chris Christie’s Heart, Tells Him Trump Doesn’t Care About Him (Video)

Long before most Republicans sold out to Donald Trump, Chris Christie proudly became one of this “president’s” lap dogs. An early critic of the incompetence of Trump, it seemed the moment Christie felt he might be able to kiss his backside enough to score a key position within his administration, he couldn’t hurry fast enough […]

Nicolle Wallace Perfectly Mocks Stupidity of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Defense of Trump’s Racism (Video)

One of my favorite anti-Trump conservatives out there right now is MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace. She’s been one of a handful of prominent conservatives in the media who’ve┬árefused to sell their soul to back someone who they know is unfit to be “president.” Such as Thursday when, with just one line, she perfectly mocked Sarah Huckabee […]