Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Fleeces a Departed Soul

Hello, I’m Pastor Pillow! Today, we are gathered to commemorate and lift on high to the Lord the life of Larry, the Cubic Zirconium Cathedral Ministries worship band flugelhorner.  I see Charles Bodeloder waving way up high in the third mezzanine—no intention to offend, Chuck!  Let me rephrase:  Larry was ‘second chair’ flugelhorn in the […]

Possibly the Best Example of the Delusion of Creationism That You Might Ever See

I wasn’t going to do another one of these articles following the first response I got to my 10 Questions Everyone Who Believes in Science Should Ask a Creationist.  But after receiving an email from another creationist who decided to answer my 10 questions, I felt the need to share.  Though I had to read through […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Dem Westboro Bones, From Russia with Franklin Graham’s Love

Pastor Pillow here! Dem bones, dem bones, dem gay bones / Dem bones, dem bones, dem straight bones Please turn in your hymnals to No. 319. Fred Phelps, he of the Westboro Baptist Hate Community, is dead. It is the most celebrated death in the world of religion since Pope John Paul II left our […]

Bill Maher Goes Off on Epic Rant About the Story of Noah’s Ark

Most people who follow my writing are pretty well aware that, while I am a Christian, I don’t view the Bible as a fact-based, literal depiction of actual events.  Though the story of Noah’s Ark is a pivotal one within the Bible, even as a child I found it ridiculously far-fetched. One small ark, every […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Typhoons, Divine Genocide and Russell Crowe’s Arky-Arky

We thought it most appropriate to pass around the virtual platinum offering plates at the onset of today’s Christian Right Weekly Round-Up. Seriously, it’s way more important that you consider handing over a few hard-earned bucks for Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts than that you read a single word Pastor Pillow has to say. Here’s the […]