Here’s the Sad Reality About the War of Words Between Trump and Kim Jong-Un

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is an absolutely horrific human being. He’s a brutal, authoritarian dictator who routinely murders people, even members of his own family, while presiding over an impoverished country filled with millions of people who are starving, brainwashed, live in constant fear, and completely isolated from the outside world. That said, I […]

Debate Goes off the Rails as GOP Analyst Clashes with Trump Supporter Over North Korea (Video)

Once again proving that supporters of Donald Trump will defend him no matter what he says or does, they’ve been out in full force trying make excuses for the “fire and fury” threat he made against North Korea on Tuesday. Some have dismissed talk that he was referring to nuclear weapons (even though he bragged […]

Enough is Enough: After North Korea Threat, Trump Must be Removed From Office

I’m going to keep this article short and sweet: Donald J. Trump needs to be peacefully removed from office — immediately. This country can no longer continue to have a man in charge of it who clearly lacks the mental faculties required to be this country’s “Commander-in-Chief.” That’s not me using partisan hyperbole, or simply […]

Congratulations North Korea, Your Ridiculousness Made The Interview More Popular Than Ever

Recently I made the joke that North Korea reminds me of that tiny 5 pound Chihuahua that thinks it’s a Doberman. They’re a country that’s so inconsequential, yet they actually seem to believe that they’re some superpower to be feared all over the world. I’m still not sure if that’s the fake bravado that they […]

The Sony Email Hack, the Media Hypocrisy and Why Americans Should be Worried

Over the last couple of weeks numerous stories from information that was discovered from the hack of Sony’s emails have flooded the internet, and some of these stories have even made their way into the mainstream media. But I just can’t help but wonder, whatever happened to ethics, integrity or morals? Especially in media. Oh, […]

With One Ridiculous Comment, Mike Huckabee Manages to Unite the Left and the Right Against Him

It’s not often that liberals and conservatives can get on the same page when it comes to much of anything nowadays. Even things that shouldn’t be controversial like science and history can cause heated disagreements among the left and the right.  So when a conservative ex-politician and Fox News commentator manages to anger both the […]

Dear NeoCons, Sanctions Don’t Lead to Liberation

John McCain and Fox News’s Todd Starnes will not be satisfied until they see starving Russian babies paying for Putin’s crimes. The brains and/or the penises of NeoCons must be hard-wired to need a constant influx of blood running the streets of foreign countries – preferably blood spilled by American bombs, but starvation will work as […]