Nebraska Resident Sylvia Driskell Files Federal Lawsuit Against All Homosexuals (Video)

One Nebraska woman has apparently had enough of those darn gays on her lawn, and she wants them to get their sinful, fabulous selves straight out of her country while they’re at it. Sylvia Driskell is mad as hell and she’s going to take those homosexuals to federal court so that it can be determined, […]

Facebook Labels The Onion As Satire Because People Apparently Can’t Read

By now, just about anyone who uses the internet should at least be able to pick out The Onion as a satirical site. The operative word here being “should.” However, there’s apparently enough folks on Facebook who still don’t get it, and so Facebook has been running trials on flagging articles from The Onion as satire. […]

Man Allegedly Beats Friend to Death — Over BBQ Technique Dispute

Doing what I do for a living, it goes without saying that my faith in humanity gets tested constantly.  Trust me when I say that before I got into this business, I never realized just how insane many people truly are. It’s why when people use the blanket statement about mental illness and violent crime, […]

Portland Pimp Suing Nike for $100 Million After Stomping Victim with Jordans

In what might be one of the most absurd lawsuits I’ve eve heard of, a Portland, Oregon pimp is suing Nike after receiving a 100 year prison sentence for brutally stomping his victim while wearing a pair of Jordans. Sirgiorgiro Clardy is claiming that Nike is partially responsible for his victim’s misfortunes because they failed to […]

Sarah Palin, Vocal Defender of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, Admits She Never Read His Comments

Disclaimer: This is not satire. I often find myself having to make it clear what is and isn’t satire when reporting on actual comments being made by many conservatives.  It’s a joke I often use with those on the right who love to harp on continuously about the “liberally-biased mainstream media.”  I like to prod […]

Potential Republican Texas Senate Candidate David Barton Claims Abortion Leads to Climate Change

Well, we finally have a far-right conservative who will admit that climate change is indeed caused by humans.  Except it’s not for the reasons that you, I and the vast majority of the scientific community believe. See, David Barton (a potential GOP candidate for United States Senator in Texas) believes that abortion is causing climate change: “You […]