The Folly of the American Voter, or Montezuma’s Revenge Makes for a Crappy Election

First things first, a little Midterm Election public service announcement: If you’re not sure where to vote on Election Day (Tuesday, November 4—as in, tomorrow), visit Google and type “WHERE TO VOTE.” A Polling Place Lookup tool will pop up at the top of the query results page. Then just type your residential address to […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Until Further Notice, Heavenly Hosts Are Furloughed

Damn.  Take off two weeks with the flu, and all hell breaks loose in Christendom. First, Pope Francis exhorts Catholics to stop obsessing about homosexuality and other decisions adults make about their genitals, then the U.S. federal government shuts down because Evangelical politicians think The Golden Rule was a throwaway line that Christ didn’t really […]