The NRA Consists Of a Bunch of Paranoid, Delusional Assh*les

Every year the NRA has their annual convention and every year I’m reminded how many crazy people exist in this country.  Now before gun lovers lose their minds, let me profess that I’m a supporter of our Second Amendment rights.  I believe it’s perfectly fine to own hunting rifles and even a few handguns for […]

Is “Zombie Ex-Girlfriend” a More Acceptable Shooting Target than “Zombie Obama?” You Decide.

This past weekend, at the NRA convention in Houston, we saw the crazy on parade once again. We had the usual appearances from Caribou Barbie, Wayne LaPierre and their new darling Ted Cruz. That was to be expected, but what went mostly overlooked was the even crazier stuff that was for sale by vendors. I […]

Enough! Nobody Wants to Take Away Your Damn Guns!

Reading some of these comments coming from the NRA convention in Houston has pushed me to a point where I must vent.  Honestly, the insanity being spewed by these people would be laughable if millions of Americans didn’t agree with them. Have you heard about the new NRA President?  Holy crap, talk about a complete […]