Here’s Why Georgia Republicans Threatening Delta Should Be a Much Bigger Story

Like the hypocrites that they are, some Republicans in Georgia are defending Republican Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle’s decision to publicly threaten Delta airlines after the company announced that it was severing ties with the NRA following the massacre at Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Here’s the tweet he sent out on Monday: I will […]

The One Question That Left My Gun-Loving NRA Friend Completely Speechless

Normally I don’t seek out my Republicans friends or family members for political debates because I know doing so is a futile endeavor that’s just going to waste my time. However, I made an exception today when one of my friends posted something mocking people calling for new gun regulations that, quite frankly, pissed me […]

I Don’t Want to Buy an Orange Shirt–But I Know I Must

I don’t own an orange shirt.  But I know I need one. I don’t want to buy an orange shirt.  But I know I must. … In late May, I reached out to my good friend, Pastor Thomas Dixon, the Democratic Party-Green Party fusion candidate for U.S. Senate in South Carolina. “Pastor Dixon,” I said.  […]

The NRA Is Lying, Liberals Don’t Want To Take Your Guns

Living here in Louisiana, it isn’t hard to find a pickup truck with an NRA sticker on it. Guns are part of the culture here, and I’m OK with that for the most part. The Second Amendment was intended to ensure that men of military age were able to own weapons to defend a fledgling […]

After Refusing to Debate President Obama, Cowardly NRA Goes on Fox News to Whine About Him (Video)

On Thursday night the NRA showed what cowards they really are. They were invited to participate in President Obama’s town hall on guns, an event that was held literally just a few miles away from the NRA’s Virginia headquarters, yet they refused to show up. One would think a rabid pro-gun group would jump at the chance […]

Dear Republicans: The NRA and the Gun Lobby Are Playing You All for Fools

One of the biggest cons perpetuated on the American people is the paranoid fear-mongering that often accompanies the “gun debate” and the Second Amendment. Here we have an amendment that literally starts out with the words, “A well regulated militia..,” yet gun fanatics almost always ignore that part. Instead, they typically only mention the “shall […]

I Am A White Gun Owner, And I Hate The NRA

For those of you who have followed my writing for a while, it’s no secret that I am a white liberal gun owner who lives in the South. I owned my first gun at a very early age, as did many other people in the rural part of Virginia where I grew up. This may […]

President Obama’s Executive Action Is A Good Thing For Gun Owners

President Obama is considering taking executive action to address the horrific gun violence problem we are facing here in the United States, and gun fanatics are predictably freaking out. On my local news station’s Facebook page, people have reacted with ignorant rants about gun confiscation, and some have even suggested that someone with a gun should […]

Virginia Revokes Out-Of-State Concealed Carry Permits, Gun Fanatics Flip Out

Concealed carry laws allowing people to carry concealed handguns are in place in many states across the United States. In the hands of a responsible individual who is trained and understands the laws, the ability to carry a weapon isn’t necessarily a bad thing – an opinion I know many liberals will likely disagree with […]

Republicans Are Failing Horribly At Attracting Minority Voters

If Republicans want to remain politically viable over the next few election cycles, they must confront the fact that the ethnic landscape of America is changing. In the last few years since Mitt Romney embarrassingly lost 83% of the minority vote, they have tried to promote minority candidates as proof that they are not out […]