No, Obama’s Remarks on Changes to NSA Surveillance Programs Don’t Vindicate Edward Snowden’s Actions

President Obama recently held a press conference where he announced several modest changes to how the NSA can collect data and how they handle their surveillance programs. ┬áChanges that apparently neither NSA opponents nor NSA defenders are happy with. Well, the cheers of “Edward Snowden the patriot” have suddenly become louder as his defenders see […]

Republican Peter King Has Some Very Harsh Words for Fellow Conservative Rand Paul

Being that I’m not a conservative, I think it goes without saying that I simply don’t understand the inner workings of the Republican mind. ┬áHeading into an election year, I fully plan to see a seemingly endless stream of right-wing ridiculousness making the headlines as Republicans battle other (more extreme) Republicans. Heck, we’ve actually already […]

Edward Snowden Considers Turning Himself In After Hearing that Sarah Palin Defended Him

It appears Sarah Palin can still make a difference after all. Sources claiming to have had minimal, erratic contact with Edward Snowden have said that he’s considering turning himself in after Sarah Palin came to his defense, taking his side on many of the same issues. They’re reporting that not only is he contemplating turning […]