Reuters Poll: GOP Voters Trust Trump And Carson Most With Nuclear Weapons

Once upon a time, as a young adult who was raised as a conservative, I used to vote Republican. That was decades ago, and since then, I’ve realized how absurd the GOP has become and I’ve since become a progressive independent. During those years since I left, the GOP has slid further and further toward […]

Godzilla & the Little Girl Who Prayed Her Papa Could Stop the Next Cold War

As my six-year-old daughter and I drove home from her school on Tuesday, I informed her that something important had happened to the world map.  A conversation ensued about the Crimean Crisis. We pulled to a red light and sat in silence for a bit.  My mind drifted… … Earlier in the day, I had […]

Republican Representative Makes Shocking Statement about Using Nukes Against Iran

I’m telling you, Republicans won’t rest until we’re at war with Iran. Which is an opinion that seems supported by comments made by Republican California Representative Duncan Hunter when he said: “I think if you have to hit Iran, you don’t put boots on the ground.  You do it with tactical nuclear devices, and you […]