One of Trump’s Morning Tweets Appears to Prove He Never Actually Read Nunes’ Memo

I don’t believe for a second that Donald Trump actually read the four-page memo produced by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA). While I obviously can’t prove it, I’m almost certain that the entirety of Trump’s “knowledge” about the contents of Nunes’ memo came from what his staffers told him and what Sean Hannity hyped it up […]

Devin Nunes’ Pathetic Memo Equates to Nothing More Than Breitbart-Style Trash

If you’re an unethical individual who’s desperate to push an agenda, you can make nearly anything seem possible. Practically every conspiracy theorist¬†known to humankind fits this description. They’re frauds who have an ultimate goal of conning people into believing something, who then seek out ridiculous ways to “connect the dots” so that they can sell […]