This Is How The Government Should Deal With The Bundy Occupation In Oregon

A number of armed right-wing “patriots” have taken over a wildlife refuge in Oregon, hoping to goad the federal government into armed action against them┬áso they can become┬áconservative heroes. Among their members is a son of Cliven Bundy, the man who won a standoff with federal authorities in Nevada a couple of years back. Their […]

A New Poll Shows Record Low GOP Support For The Tea Party

Way back in the beginning, the Tea Party caught my interest. Initially calling themselves supporters of smaller government and lower taxes, it seemed like they were a political group that might represent a change from the conservative politics that brought us the likes of George W. Bush. It quickly became obvious that the Tea Party […]

Right-Wing “Patriot” Group Sends Armed Security To Keep US Marshals From Arresting Kim Davis

It seems like the Kentucky media and political circus surrounding Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis just doesn’t want to end, and every right-wing political candidate or organization is determined to get their moment in the spotlight with her. Just today, Rick Santorum praised her and compared her to Martin Luther King Jr. during a radio […]

Anti-Government “Patriots” Allegedly Defrauded Of Thousands Of Dollars By One Of Their Own

Perhaps you’ve seen the image to the right, and some variation of it on the internet as a profile image or perhaps even on someone’s vehicle as a bumper sticker. On almost every news-related Facebook page, I’ve seen at least one person with a profile picture like this. In every gun group or outdoors forum […]