Ted Cruz Says Climate Change Is A Cause Of ‘Environmentalist Billionaires’ At Koch Retreat

Considering that the 2016 Republican field is extremely crowded, candidates like Ted Cruz have to find a way to get noticed, especially by the billionaire donors. While they have to also throw red meat rhetoric to primary voters who tend to be evangelical Christians and Tea Party conservatives, wooing the big money donors is crucial […]

Obama Crushes Radical GOP, Says Liberals Aren’t the Ones Who Deny Facts and Science (Video)

Once President Obama’s time in office is up, one of the main things I’ll had wished he had done more often is call out Republican nonsense during his presidency.  No other president has ever faced such blatant obstruction and sabotage like he has, yet far too often he’s sat back, letting Republicans control the message. […]

The Iron Curtain Of Vladimir Putin Is Starting To Rust Away

As you can imagine, the last few days have been a roller coaster ride on the Russian internet. The first reaction to the downing of MH-17 was panic. They were trying to shoot down Putin’s plane! Two doubles took off from Amsterdam at the same time, one filled with corpses who all had new passports […]

Bryan Fischer Is Angry That People Are Free To Be Gay In America

The AIDS epidemic is a going concern for the world… well, at least, the part of the world that has a conscience and a sense of compassion. Monsters like Bryan Fischer, the head of the American Family Association, instead see it as a punishment for acting outside the religious framework they have decided is best. […]

The Party That Cried “Benghazi!”

Pretty much any day of the week and a few times on Sunday, depending on who’s making the Sunday talk show appearances, you can hear about something that has outraged the GOP. It might be something that the president has done, or it might be something a federal court has done (slapping down unconstitutional marriage […]

Joe Walsh: Obama Doesn’t Understand or Like America

The other day, Joe Walsh, the ousted former Tea Party/deadbeat dad congressman from Chicagoland’s North Shore area tweeted: Obama doesn’t understand or even like America. Every day he creates chaos and dependency. What does it say about us that we elected him? I want to look at this for a few reasons. One being that […]

Fox News Ridiculously Trying to Blame Obama for Rising Gas Prices Due to Violence in Iraq (Video)

Remember back in 2003 when Obama was president and he started a needless war in Iraq based on lies about weapons of mass destruction and ties to terrorism?  Then remember just a few short weeks after starting the war when he landed on an aircraft carrier wearing a flight suit with a giant “mission accomplished” […]

Fighting WMDs the Obama Way, And Why The GOP Hates It

I was recently reading an article by Daniel Serwer, talking about the Foundation for Defense of Democracies annual meeting on the Middle East. A panel of supporters of the Iraq War tried to drag Obama over the coals for being shy with American military power. It very effectively underlined for me what conservatives, and especially […]

Sean Hannity Is Confused About Terrorism

Poor Sean Hannity. He’s not exactly known for his sharp wit, so Hannity is confused trying to understand why Jon Stewart is targeting him like he’s so many Glenn Becks in a Barrel. This may be the price of such tsk-tsk slut-shaming that Hannity was involved in the other day. Or maybe just because Hannity […]