Ex-Nixon Advisor Says Trump’s Obstruction Could Be Worse Than Watergate, May End Presidency

Several months ago I wrote an article where I told people that it wasn’t a matter of if Donald Trump was going to fire Robert Mueller, just when. In that article I said the following: Ultimately, Trump’s going to do what he always does — whatever he feels is in his own best interests. Once he feels […]

Let Me Explain Why It’s Absurd for Anyone to Claim a President Can’t Obstruct Justice

According to one of Donald Trump’s lawyers, as well as some supposed “legal experts” I’ve seen comment on the matter, a president cannot be charged with obstruction of justice because they’re the “top law enforcement officer,” so any Commander-in-Chief has every right to express their view on any case. While I’m not a legal expert, […]

In One of His Dumbest Moves Yet, Trump Basically Just Admitted He’s Guilty of Obstructing Justice

It’s not exactly a secret that Donald Trump’s not the most intelligent of human beings. When you combine his lack of intelligence with a massive ego, emotional instability, and almost no impulse control, you get someone who’s stupid enough to screw themselves over by basically admitting that they’re guilty of obstructing justice — which is […]