Bad News for Texas: Thanks to Republican Leadership, the State’s Headed for Trouble

For years Rick Perry has championed Texas as the “example” Washington should follow when it comes to creating jobs and running an economy. And, to be fair, Texas has done fairly well economically the last few years, even during one of the worst recessions in nearly a century. Though that has almost nothing to do […]

Here are Some Facts About the Keystone XL Pipeline Republicans Really Don’t Want Americans to See

The other day I was talking with someone about the Keystone XL pipeline and I said it reminded me somewhat of the story of the tooth fairy. Only small children could believe such a ridiculous story about a magical fairy who travels all over the globe, exchanging money for discarded teeth. At least with Santa […]

5 Stories the Media Constantly Lets Republicans Blatantly Lie About

While the media has never been perfect, it’s become an absolute joke these last few years.  But what should we expect?  We’ve allowed our news to become dictated by corporations.  Now it’s ad revenue that drives the news, not actual quality reporting. Over the weekend as I watched several different news channels, it infuriated me […]

Bring Back Our Girls!…Wherever Nigeria is

Freeze!  Don’t move.  Yes, I’m aware you’re balancing a can of Tecate atop your straw sombrero.  Hold.  Still. Take a look at the map of Africa that accompanies this article.  Identify the country of Nigeria.  Oh, come on, it’s right in front of you, just to the west of Cameroon, south of Niger. No, that’s […]

Rachel Maddow Tears Apart Oil Company’s Ridiculous Claim That Oil Spills Can Have “Positive Effects”

This is one of those times when I have to give the obligatory “this is not satire” warning.  The only thing I can compare it to are those old ads I’ve seen from the tobacco industry about “doctor recommended cigarettes,” though I think this is actually even more ridiculous. It seems that Kinder Morgan believes that […]