Protesters Wave Confederate Flag To Welcome President Obama To Oklahoma

Whenever someone begins a statement with “I’m not a racist, but…” I know that something very racist is about to come out of their mouth. This has been especially true during the recent outrage over South Carolina’s decision to remove the Confederate flag from the State House grounds, and supporters of the flag even visited […]

Oklahoma Republican Party Compares Food Stamp Recipients To Wild Animals

In many a truck stop or convenience store across the United States, you’ll find an assortment of bumper stickers for sale with slogans on them like “Don’t spread my wealth, spread my work ethic” or “Work hard, millions on welfare depend on you.” These are just a couple of examples of what is known as […]

OK Republican Rep. Kevin Calvey Talks About Setting Himself On Fire Over Abortion

I love when religious extremists lose their minds over abortion, especially when they claim to be “pro-life” while voting against anything that would help a child once they’re born. Oklahoma Republican Kevin Calvey decided to take it one step further by claiming he wanted to set himself on fire over abortion, if only he wasn’t a […]

Oklahoma Democrat Comes Up With Genius Move To Expose Businesses That Discriminate

It’s no secret that most Republicans are doing just about everything they possibly can to deny homosexuals equal rights. Despite the fact that legally they’re losing badly, this reality has seemingly only made conservatives even more desperate to find all sorts of ridiculous ways in which to prevent members of the LGBT community from being […]

Oklahoma Conservatives Have A New Plan To Stop Gay Marriage

The endless hissy fits over marriage equality by religious conservatives and the politicians who pander to them just won’t end. As we edge closer and closer to a decision by the Supreme Court which is expected to end discrimination against same-sex couples across the United States, state lawmakers are scrambling to find other ways to […]

Oklahoma Republican: Homosexuals Don’t ‘Have A Right’ To Not Be Discriminated Against

While race and sexual orientation are two completely different things, it’s amazing how similar many of the reasons racists often used decades ago to support segregation and bans on interracial marriages are to the arguments made today by many conservatives who oppose equal rights for homosexuals. Remember, it was widely believed by many that the Bible […]

Oklahoma Bill Confirms That Republicans are Trying to Change Facts, Alter History

If you haven’t heard, the state of Oklahoma is waging an all-out assault on Advanced Placement U.S. history in their public schools. Apparently, Republicans within the state legislature feel that telling the truth about our nation’s history is simply not patriotic. Though I believe it goes much deeper than just trying to whitewash some of our […]

Breaking: Massive Backlash from Parents and Students in Oklahoma After State’s Attempt to Ban AP History

In case you haven’t heard, there’s currently a push within the state of Oklahoma to pull funding from AP History and essentially end the program in the state’s public school system. The “controversy” stems from some Republican lawmakers claiming that the course paints the United States in a negative light. Essentially, because it doesn’t whitewash […]

The Real Reason Why Oklahoma Republicans are Trying to Ban AP History

My colleague Manny Schewitz covered in great detail the absurd push in Oklahoma to ban AP History classes in the state, and he was pretty much spot-on with his analysis. A large part of why conservatives oppose these classes is that they don’t teach the “white-washed” aspect of United States history. In other words, conservatives […]

Oklahoma Lawmakers Want To Ban High School AP History Courses

Oh Oklahoma, it seems like there’s a competition going on in red states to see who can come up with the most ridiculous legislation, and you just have to get in on the action. Just recently, lawmakers introduced bills to protect gay “conversion” therapy and allow discrimination against LGBT people in the name of religious […]