Gun Activist Kory Watkins Warns TX Lawmakers ‘Treason’ Is ‘Punishable By Death’ (VIDEO)

Apparently the perceived right to open carry a weapon is more important than life itself, according to Cop Block and Open Carry Tarrant County coordinator Kory Watkins. Watkins has been the face of the open carry movement in Texas and has not only been actively protesting for the ability to carry a weapon in public […]

Open Carry Activists Bully, Harass and Threaten Texas Representative

While many people have heard of these bottom-feeding Open Carry activists, it’s really difficult to describe what it’s like to deal with these people face to face. I’ve had a couple of encounters with them and both times I walked away disgusted at the behavior of these people. I’m sure that not every single person […]

Gun Bullies & Stolen Valor: A Tale of Two Marines

Two Marines came to my attention over the past week. One Marine threatened a woman online, while the other stood up to gun bullies. First, the Marine who told a woman he hopes she gets shot. Coalition To Stop Gun Violence shared a screenshot last week, of an online “conversation” between one of their supporters […]