This Is Why Businesses Insist On Gun-Free Zones

In the wake of the recent theater shooting here in Lafayette, the usual gun fanatics have come out of the woodwork to claim the shooter chose the Grand 16 because it is part of a number of “gun-free zones.” Gov. Bobby Jindal, ever the opportunist, quickly came out and said that now was not the […]

A Defeat For Open Carry Texas And A Win For The NRA?

It looks as if the folks at Open Carry Texas may finally get what they wanted – and not get what they wanted at the same time. For quite some time now, gun activists have been putting on demonstration after demonstration across the state, demanding legislation be passed to allow the open carry and display […]

Nazis, ISIS, Guns & Open Carry Texas: The CPAC 2015 Recap!

The annual meeting of the minds that is CPAC (Caucasian People Are Perfect) came to a close on Sunday. Rand “Water Buddha” Paul won the straw poll, Sean Hannity revealed his super power, Scott Walker proved his readiness to fight terrorists, Donald Trump identified our new enemy, and Phil Robertson talked about STDs. Of course, […]

Open Carry Texas Leader Wouldn’t Qualify to Openly Carry Handguns Under Proposed Law

I’ve made no secret of my deep disdain for open carry advocates, Kory Watkins of Open Carry Tarrant Country in particular. While I’m not a big fan of gun nuts in general, I loathe these asinine fools who, in my opinion, have a sick obsession with guns. Whenever the “gun debate” is brought up, often […]

Gun Activist Kory Watkins Warns TX Lawmakers ‘Treason’ Is ‘Punishable By Death’ (VIDEO)

Apparently the perceived right to open carry a weapon is more important than life itself, according to Cop Block and Open Carry Tarrant County coordinator Kory Watkins. Watkins has been the face of the open carry movement in Texas and has not only been actively protesting for the ability to carry a weapon in public […]

The Republican Ideological Problem When It Comes to Anti-Cop Organizations

I strongly believe that it’s ridiculous to view the debate over race relations or police behavior as a “left vs. right” debate, but that’s more or less what’s happened for many people. Driven by the media’s desire to generate revenue (with anger and division being huge moneymakers), we’ve spent more time in this country discussing […]

The Conservative Media Displays Blatant Hypocrisy Over The Murder Of NYPD Officers

Without fail, conservative politicians and conservative media have jumped all over the recent murder of two NYPD officers to further their narrative that those of us who want reform and better training in law enforcement are fomenting anti-cop violence. Just this morning, Fox News ran a segment asking if America had lost respect for police […]

Open Carry Texas Exploiting Mike Brown and Eric Garner Deaths for Anti-Cop March

A few months ago I wrote an article warning progressives and people who generally oppose radical anti-government groups that they were being used and manipulated by supposed “police accountability” groups. The truth is most of these organizations like Cop Block aren’t out to hold police officers accountable, they’re fear-mongering radicals who oppose government and often […]

What Do Open Carry Texas And Cop Block Have In Common?

Some time back, I took a lot of grief for defending an Oklahoma Highway Patrol captain who had his words twisted and taken out of context by a number of websites, including the Huffington Post. One of the things that I pointed out is that organizations like Cop Block and Free Thought Project use any […]

The 5 Worst Conservative Memes Of The Week

This is the twelfth installment in our weekly fact-check series “The 5 Worst Conservative Memes Of The Week.” For last week’s installment, see here. For those of you who are seeing this for the first time, the idea behind the countdown is to spotlight the dumbest, most absurd, or downright horrible conservative memes that are […]