Here’s How the Texas Church Massacre Exposes the Massive Flaw in Leading Pro-Gun Myth

As it typically goes, following the most recent mass shooting at a church in Texas, Republicans offered their usual “thoughts and prayers,” while gun fanatics insisted that gun regulations wouldn’t have prevented this. Though pro-gun supporters were delighted to find out that one individual who lived near the church heard the gunfire, grabbed his gun, […]

Open Carry Laws Helped a Madman Gun Down Three People in Colorado

Growing up in Texas, it goes without saying that I have friends who like guns – one of whom is a conservative son of a former police officer and has had his concealed carry license for several years. One day a few months ago I asked him what he thought about those who want to openly […]

The NRA Represents A Part Of America Desperate To Hold On to White Supremacy

Sometimes with national news stories like last week’s shooting in Oregon, I prefer to let a few days go by before writing about it. In the heat of the moment, it is easy to say something you later wish you hadn’t, especially when all the details of the story haven’t come to light yet. Now […]

Inverness, FL Gun Shop Owner Says His Store Is A “Muslim-free Zone”

Inverness, Florida is a place most people probably haven’t heard of, including many folks who live in Florida itself. When you think of Florida, you usually think of Disney World, or the Miami beaches, or maybe the “Florida Man” stereotype. The “Florida Man” stereotype is based on whenever something bizarre happens – like a sea […]

Open Carry Gun Nut Terrorizes Mississippi Town, Police Can’t Do Anything About It (Video)

I’m someone who usually tries to have an open mind about most things, but there’s no way you’ll ever convince me that openly carrying guns out in public is a good thing. I’ve yet to have a single one of these gun nuts tell me how, if I lined up a group of 100 random people […]

Open Carry Nut Guns Down Woman Who Complained He Was Sexually Harassing Her

Normally this wouldn’t be a story I would write about. Not because it’s not important, but because I try to stay away from fringe nut jobs who commit heinous acts of violence to use as “an example” of anything. But this particular story stood out to me coming off the heels of Texas becoming the […]

Texas Gun Activist: Lawmakers Who Voted Against Open Carry Should be Arrested and ‘Hung’

I’ve reached a point with gun nuts (especially open carry advocates) where all I can really do anymore is laugh and pity them. What kind of sad, pathetic life must someone lead to be so paranoid that they feel they need a gun with them at all times? And on top of that, these people […]

Open Carry Nut Marches in Front of High School, Taunts Police Officers (Video)

The truth is, the vast majority of Americans do not want to see a bunch of random idiots walking around openly carrying semi-automatic handguns or AR-15’s strapped to their back. Almost nobody feels safer when they’re eating lunch at a local restaurant and some sketchy-looking stranger strolls in carrying an AK-47. And I can guarantee […]

Open Carry Activists Bully, Harass and Threaten Texas Representative

While many people have heard of these bottom-feeding Open Carry activists, it’s really difficult to describe what it’s like to deal with these people face to face. I’ve had a couple of encounters with them and both times I walked away disgusted at the behavior of these people. I’m sure that not every single person […]

Dear Open Carry Activists: Your Entire Ideology is an Absolute Joke

I usually have a pretty decent amount of patience for people when it comes to debates. As long as people are behaving rationally, not denying facts and have the ability to make some sort of valid points, I’m willing to entertain someone who has a differing opinion on any number of topics. But when it comes […]