The End Of The Conservative Revolution… Again, And For Now

I predicted in my first installment on this farcical “Conservative Revolution” that they wouldn’t get more than fifty people. Well, this is me, admitting I was wrong… but even the greatest apologist for these people would have to admit that, on balance, the actual total is much closer to MY prediction than THEIRS. Ten million, […]

“Operation: American Spring” is Crazier Than Anybody Could Have Possibly Thought

By now most of you have heard about the “historic, groundbreaking event” that’s being held in Washington D.C. by right-wing lunaticsĀ patriots demanding the removal from office of President Obama, Eric Holder, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Millions upon millions (30 million by most of their estimates – or 10% of the […]

Operation American Spring Dismal Attendance Blamed on Rain

Operation American Spring (yeehah) hit Washington DC today. OAS’s lowest attendance estimate was 10,000,000 people, and they were only off by about 9,999,400 or so. I’m writing this on Friday, so hopefully, a shitload more people are going to show up. If not, well, OAS knows what to blame. The weather. According to Jackie Milton, […]

A Spectacularly Awesome Turnout for the Patriotic “Operation American Spring”

Millions upon millions of proud Obama-hating Americans took some time off from watching Fox News to descend upon Washington D.C. in an effort to force President Obama and other elected officials from office. Well, maybe not the 30 million that event organizer Harry Riley claimed would show up (that would be about 10% of the […]