The America Rudy Giuliani Loves Doesn’t Exist

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani believes President Obama doesn’t love America. However, like most conservatives, Rudy Giuliani loves an America that doesn’t actually exist. Conservative Dream America has never done anything wrong, white people have never done anything wrong, Christians have never done anything wrong, and saying anything to the contrary means you don’t […]

Limbaugh to Oprah: “If Black People in This Country are so Mistreated… How Did You Happen?”

Rush Limbaugh is such a detestable creature I’ve really thought of turning his last name into an adjective.  Like when someone says or does something truly ignorant, I’d say, “Hey, don’t be so Limbaugh.” To me, Rush Limbaugh is a sleazy, disgusting pile of garbage.  He’s a racist, sexist bigot.  He defines “blowhard” and seems […]